Hi there, I'm Debbie Seunarayan

I help leaders and their organisations create supple strategy and build inclusive innovation machines so that they can survive disruption & work with the unpredictable future. I want to help your organisation to be a survivor - more than a survivor - an organisation that thrives! I want to help you to BE MORE SHAPESHIFTER!
I¬†set up¬†Gallus¬†in the summer of 2008 (yep, literally just¬†before the financial crisis hit).¬†Since then,¬†we've navigated many¬†context shattering, foundation shifting events¬†- experiences that have¬†changed my business, my life, and me. Those changes are the reason we survived and thrived. ‚Ā†
I've spent the last decade or so working closely with pioneers with ideas (as they launch and scale) and advising leaders of established organisations facing disruption (as they re-imagine and re-shape their organisations. 

I've walked alongside as they successfully (or less successfully) navigate complexity and ambiguity, face into¬†disruption¬†and create disruptive products and services. Over time I¬†realised that there are common practices¬†at play in the most successful (and in those that fail). ‚Ā†
I want to help you to inject insight, clarity and energy into your organisation and to provide you with the tools to survive, strive and thrive as a leader no matter what's going on around you.

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