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Inject insight, clarity and energy into your organisation! 

  • Find opportunities first.
  • Be ready for anything.
  • Build something special.



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Complete the Shapeshifter Evaluator to find out where your organisation is in its Shapeshifter journey.

How do you currently approach strategy, culture, innovation and change ?

Answer a few simple questions and find out what stage of the Shapeshifter Maturity Model best reflects where your organisation is right now.

You can use the results to start where you are and to see where to best focus your efforts...

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Our SHAPESHIFTER Community is for ambitious leaders who are building a cause driven, purpose powered  organisation that can see around corners, spot opportunities first and be ready for anything!  A SHAPESHIFTER organisation...

If you want to:

  • meaningfully engage with uncertainty and complexity
  • consciously [deliberately and intentionally] create to navigate disruption¬†
  • purposefully innovate and agitate embedded ways of thinking, doing and being¬†
  • commit¬†to positively changing the way¬†your organisation can impact the world.

the SHAPESHIFTER Community is for you! 

Our community has been created for founders and leaders in disrupted or disruptor organisations who would like to change the game… and for the people who nurture them in their quest.

Join our Shapeshifter community!


Learn the secrets of SHAPESHIFTER organisations and how to use their proven techniques to inject insight, clarity and energy (and a touch of magic) into your organisation.

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From disrupted to disruptor in 4 moves

In a complex, unpredictable, ever-changing world, novel ideas and bold moves drive success. Shapeshifters focus on 4 moves that make THE difference to organisational success.

Start, Scale, Shape (or Shake things up) with confidence!

Thriving, striving, or just about surviving; the 4 moves will fast-track your journey from strategy to reality whatever your sector, location, challenge or opportunity.

Shape the future!

Take your strategic dialogue to another level. Learn how to use scenario planning to see around corners... and develop strategy that is supple enough to anticipate, navigate and create the future...

  • Find opportunities first
  • Generate strategic options
  • Navigate ambiguity and complexity
  • Win hearts and minds
  • Shape the future

Transcend Tribes!

Create a cause-driven, purpose-powered meta-tribe. Learn how to find the levers that matter and use storytelling to create a web of meaning that generates belief in a shared future... 

  • Cultural clarity
  • Principle-based decision¬†making
  • Authentic and unselfish prioritisation
  • Powerful engagement
  • Slick value chains

Think Beyond!

Identify, demystify, and make progress on the wicked problems that seem too big or too difficult to solve. Get right into the complexity and chaos of the problems that will make THE difference...

  • Disruptive,¬†systemic innovation¬†
  • Experiments that illuminate the path
  • Daring dialogue
  • Autonomy and ownership
  • Tangible impact

Move Mountains!

Align and amplify the power of collective intelligence and action in support of your cause and pursuit of the future. Build something special - a cause-driven, purpose-powered, magical movement...

  • Collaborate and co-create
  • Harness superpowers and superheroes
  • Accept adapt and accelerate change
  • Build something special!


Imagine | Believe | Become

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